About Our Team and Suppliers

Our team has worked in the cycling industry for over 25 years each.... managing expos, owning cycling events and producing merchandise for events around the World!   We found it frustrating that a company didn't exist that sold items needed for COURSE, ATHLETES, MERCHANDISE and EXPOs.

In 2015 we launched a similar website, but was too broad and too complicated...Thus, our creation of RYDE CYCLING PRODUCTS! Made by cyclists and for cyclists.

We have over 100 suppliers throughout the USA, China, Taiwan, Turkey and Pakistan to crate the best products and fast speeds and the BEST PRICES! We hide nothing, prices are posted and we will beat any price of products that others are offering. Each item is uniquely made for you. Call or email us and we can get started. Don't see something on the website you need, just ask, i am sure we have a supplier.


We look forward to working with you,

Craig, Andrew, Bryan and Matt.