WATER PROOF           CANVAS         OXFORD            CUSTOMIZED            UNIQUE              GREAT GIVE-AWAY

Velo Wallets are a new product based in Europe with 3 materials to choose from. (Water Proof, Canvas, and Oxford) The unique wallets are perfectly designed to fit in the rear jersey pocket to carry your mobile phone, keys and money with 2 additional pouches on the inside and an additional inside zipper pocket.

100% customized with over 120 Canvas colors, 30 Oxford colors and 5 Water Proof colors to choose from. Your Logo can be placed on one or both sides of the bag. We also offer the ability to have your LOGO placed on the outside of the box the wallet arrives in.

A great gift, give-away or merchandise at just $10-$12! (msrp. $25.00)  

CALL or EMAIL OUR TEAM to get a Digital Design made for your next promo item. 

MOQ:  75 units    DELIVERY:  2-3 weeks   COST:  $9.00- $11.00

   1.  CHOOSE MATERIAL              2. COLOR and DESIGNS              3. ZIPPER COLOR                       4. PULL TAG COLOR